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For all your accounting and financial services that evolve with your changing needs, Apex Fund Administration Services, Apex Accounting Team of CPAs, and Alpha Prudence Hedge Fund are here for you. In this unpredictable and fast-evolving asset management industry, you require dynamic, customizable solutions to support your investment strategies. From market insights to assistance with regulatory changes and cost-control, we can assist you with building, growing, managing, and adapting to change.

Outsource the responsibility of calculating the NAV, keeping a record of a fund’s assets and providing shareholder services, and financial reporting to our diversified experienced team. As hedge funds are experiencing a boom with retail and institutional investors, we are the safe havens for their capital in current volatile markets.

As your hedge fund administrator, we are responsible for keeping records of your fund’s assets, calculating its net asset value per share, processing share applications and redemptions, and providing shareholder services and financial reporting.

Seamless, Robust, and Holistic Solutions to Support Your Strategy

From expanding your existing financial business to launching a new fund or business, we provide robust fund structuring servicing, data solutions, and support for traditional, alternative, and tax-transparent fund vehicles and fund platforms, across all types of investment strategies, geographies, and domiciles. A few of the services we have among all other things we do are:

  • K -1 Preparation
  • Tax Preparation and Consulting
  • Personal and Business Financial Statements Preparation
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Business Plans
  • NAV Calculation
  • Shareholder Administration
  • Administrative Controls, Automated Systems, and Straight Through Processing
  • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Compliance Services
  • Depositary Services
  • Fund Accounting
  • Fund Administration
  • Global Custody
  • Investor Services/Transfer Agency
  • Regulatory Administration
Seamless, Robust, and Holistic Solutions to Support Your Strategy

We have experts who understand your unique needs and industry complexities. We can give you direct access to dedicated relationship managers and product experts. Additionally, we can offer seamless coordination among your global offices. Our experienced specialists can help guide you to enhance your operations, and partner with you as you venture into new territories.

  • Cost, Expenses, Jurisdictions and Compliance Oversight
  • Fund Distribution Channels
  • Fund Registration Process, Timeline, and Cost
  • Regulatory, Financial, and Tax Reporting Requirements
Our Clients Non-Profit Investment Managers
High Networth Investors Consultants Hedge Funds
Small Businesses Financial Institutions Pension Funds
Corporations Investment Manager Alternative Managers
Insurance Company Sovereign Entities Accounting

The stability of Apex Fund Services, its general systems capability, and investment levels, together with disaster recovery arrangements, are comparable to none.

In addition, as your hedge fund administrator, we are able to value derivative instruments, short positions, and net limit exposure created by the ability of hedge funds to use leverage.

Our Cash Reporting includes all funds held in the margin or deposit accounts with the prime broker. The calculation of the performance fee can be fairly complex and subject to differing methodology chosen by the fund, such as equalization accounting. We are positioned to deal with funds accounting that is subject to various accounting standards because of our knowledge of various accounting practices.

Furthermore, we offer additional services required for the fund’s annual account, including potential data required by the directors for review at board meetings. Our accountants are available to attend board meetings wherever and whenever required. We provide representatives to attend meetings and fully brief all parties concerned on all aspects of our responsibilities to your portfolio of investments.

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