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"The gift that elevates luxury to a lifetime of fulfillment- gift of time"

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smiling woman at workOur world-class leadership and staff will always exceed your expectations.


Apex Concierge Services’ staff take great pride in the elite care of clients and make an extra effort to ensure their satisfaction. Our staff is educated from top hospitality schools, well-groomed, friendly, attentive, and enabled to deliver exceptional luxury lifestyle customer service. Most of our luxury lifestyle managers come with experience from the hotel and hospitality industry. It is already cultured in them to serve and to tier customers with warmth, enthusiasm, and a smile. Our staff are trained to perform at the highest level in attentive hospitality services, property management, office duties, valet parking to assist with delivering dry cleaning and mail, service is what residents will receive. Every call is answered – Apex Concierge, at your service. How may we serve you today?

At Apex Concierge Services, our hand-picked concierge professionals have a true passion and eye for exceptional services. Whether you are looking for a personal concierge, an events professional, an interior designer, a residential manager, a business expert, or a personal courier, we have a seasoned expert who can meet your needs!

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