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A Destination for the Soul.
Africa has a way of carving a place into your heart – the indescribable beauty of everything from the sweeping Savannah plains to the majestic wildlife is enough to leave you craving for more. Its people and their welcoming smiles invite you to discover a continent as exciting as it is peaceful. Whether you are exploring the bustling cities or sleeping in a luxury lodge under the stars, you will find that Africa is not just a destination, but also a feeling that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Zebra at the swimming pool of the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia Zebra at the swimming pool of the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia
Victoria Falls at sunset, Zimbabwe Victoria Falls at sunset, Zimbabwe
Discover Antarctica

Pristine Nature.
The coldest, driest continent on Earth with the highest average elevation, this is not a location with any actual residents, much fewer cities. But, that’s part of the reason Antarctica is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife you’ll ever see. From November to March, visitors can travel through the Arctic Sound, a.k.a. Iceberg Alley, where they’ll see spectacular 10,000-year-old glaciers with their colors ranging from brilliant white to deep aquamarine. Also a must-see is the volcanic South Shetland Islands — Zodiac excursions get travelers close to the action while spotting humpback whales and emperor penguins.

Icons of Southeast Asia (16 days)

Crystal Cruises | Ship: Crystal Symphony
Dates: 07 Dec 2020 – 22 Dec 2020
Singapore, Singapore to Hong Kong, China

Discover the Caribbean

A Turquoise Retreat.
The Caribbean is all about crystal-clear water and idyllic, palm-fringed beaches. Take your island pick, sway to the reggae beats of Jamaica, or bathe in the crystal blue waters of St. Bart’s where the ocean meets the sky. This sun-kissed paradise is also home to tropical forests, waterfalls, and great hiking trails.

Tropical Caribbean Sand Beach Paradise at Sunset.
Explore Central America

Lush Landscapes, Lively Cities, and Rich Culture.
Central America is home to one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world. Untouched rain forests and beaches in its seven countries make for the most incredible biology lesson of your life. It is a paradise where active volcanoes can be a stones-throw from some of the most breathtaking, remote beaches, and where coffee plantations are tucked away in the clouds. Sun yourself with a margarita in hand on the white sand beaches of Playa del Carmen, explore Mayan ruins in Tulum (you might want to head to the beach there, too!), enjoy a car-free paradise on Caye Caulker, or visit the remote fishing village of Santa Catalina whose natural beauty has gone relatively untouched.

Paradise island, panama.
Explore Europe

An abundance of cultural treasures.
Traveling across Europe opens your eyes to a world of unparalleled culture and history. It often seems impossible to choose between the Renaissance art of Florence and the Impressionist paintings of Paris; Germany’s Bavarian castles and the bustling multicultural London streets. The wealth of knowledge acquired in Europe is an asset of a lifetime – its only rivals being the people and food you’ll encounter along the way! The proximity of individual countries makes it easy to incorporate any number of them into your trip, while each country is more than worthy of a focused, extended stay as you immerse yourself in the culture and communities.

Scenic landscape of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Basque Country, Spain. Beauty, game.
Explore the Middle East

Get to know awe-inspiring lands where the past is always present.
Getting to know the Middle East is discovering a land of beginnings. It is home to humankind’s first cities and the birthplace of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Here, history is not merely in books but everywhere, from the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the lost city of Petra. On your path to discovering these ancient lands, you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet whose community and generosity exceeds expectations.

place in dubai
Explore North America

The Possibilities Are Endless.
Set to a backdrop of an impressive variety of landscapes, from lush tropical rainforests to the breath-taking Rocky Mountain range, North America offers a unique adventure for every traveler. Take a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway, zip-line through Canada’s temperate rainforests, or journey through Mexico’s Copper Canyon by train. The endless opportunities of the land will leave you wanting to discover more.

Explore South America.

A Vibrant Array of Cultures.
Experience the astounding variety of ancient and living cultures spread across a continent as geographically complex as its people. South America hosts some of the most colorful traditions, whether that be praying for the dead, celebrating life, or dancing through the night. Its rich history combines both pre-Colombian civilizations and the influences of Europe, Asia, and Africa. One visit might have you winding through the Andes visiting ancient ruins and colonial towns, while another may see you retreating to a rainforest lodge in the Amazon. Head to Rio de Janeiro to immerse yourself in the culture of one of Brazil’s most vibrant cities or take things a little slower with a winetasting tour through Argentina and Chile.

The Elegant Tree Swallows.
couple walks with lion couple walks with lion
 Hotel near Victoria falls,Zimbabwe  Hotel near Victoria falls,Zimbabwe
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