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"The gift that elevates luxury to a lifetime of fulfillment- gift of time"

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Bespoke experiences and lifestyle services.

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, time has become one of the greatest luxuries. At the heart of what we do is the commitment to give our clients back time, so they can enjoy more of the things that they love.

Apex Concierge Services is dedicated to enriching the lives of our clients and communities through the provision of bespoke experiences, lifestyle services, and unparalleled access to the world of luxury. Our devoted team takes care of every aspect of our clients’ lives to give them back the luxury of time.

Let our seasoned professionals take care of your matters down to the smallest detail while you enjoy life’s luxuries. For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can rely on our services anywhere you need us.

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Apex Concierge Services helps property owners create that extra ambiance that says “This property is exceptional.” Unlike any other hospitality services, we don’t direct you to the answer, we take charge and deliver the answer. We are able to handle practically any request that comes our way, if anyone can do it, it is Apex Concierge. Apex Concierge organizes all the logistics of your social events, flights’ bookings, theatre tickets, restaurant reservations, private yacht charter, cater your meals, plan your nightlife, coordinate errand services, find your perfect gift, and deliver on a gold plater with white gloves and Mandal of luxury.

By offering concierge services, whether in your company’s employee benefits package, commercial property, or residential environment, you will have a benefit that has real intrinsic value and will be appreciated by your valuable employees, a deal sweetener. It’s a personal touch that has so much meaning and value to attract talent.

From designing the corporate benefits to creating bespoke programs, we offer a unique one-stop approach to premium relationships and strategic partners worldwide.

Apex Concierge Services, luxury lifestyle managers, are experts who turn dreams into luxury magical experiences and have all the right strategic partners to get you past any ocean of your dreams. Whether it’s planning the ultimate event, deliver a surprise gift to someone overseas, the last-minute fix of your house before an unexpected guest comes in, or a seven-course meal at midnight in your country house is only the beginning of the night, luxury has no curfew – we get it done. We give you an intricate network to the word’s most exclusive brands and experiences. We pride in making even the most outrageous requests a reality. It’s our pleasure to ensure that luxury is always the aroma you breathe, access is always granted to your dreams, your imaginations are always met with a yes, wishes are guaranteed, and exclusivity is always your lifestyle delivered on a platter of luxury.

Give us the opportunity to handle all the logistics that whilst your dream. We pleasure in curating your journey and walk ahead of you to ensure no obstacle is in the way. We plan your life from your house, work, and beyond so that it seamlessly curated to the luxury lifestyle you dream. We take care of all the details, so all you have to do is to relax and seal in luxury. We have a deep-rooted passion for luxury services, hospitality win a vision to enhance the lives of your customers by delivering the most luxurious services and building utmost trust with our clients. Requests are received by SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, mobile apps, and other technology to place the request and subsequently put in the client profile by the luxury lifestyle managers.

Services Offered

Apex Concierge Services promises to deliver premier, top-tier, and luxury concierge services to high-income and sophisticated clientele. We serve the Greater New York City and Long Island area but our services are not limited geographically—any time and any place our services can reach, we will be there to serve! Our team will personalize and plan any package a client desires, be it providing a private butler service, hand-delivering documents to ensure privacy, or organizing a private party to remember forever.

Our services include:

  • Women drinking coffee and talking at restaurant

    Personal Services

    We take care of all your personal needs, ensuring that you have time to do what you love. Learn more.

  • Living room interior in modern house. Textiles, mansion.

    Residential Management

    We are committed to the maintenance, care, and preservation of your property. Learn more.

  • luxury decorated tables at rich wedding reception. stylish arrangements of flowers and jewels on table in glass vase, dish and


    We are your concierge for all event and entertainment service needs. Learn more.

  • Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

    Business Support Services

    Stay focused on your business and allow us to handle the rest. Learn more.

  • Living room

    Interior Design

    We can help you create a beautiful, organized space where you can live or work. Learn more.

  • first class delivery service

  • nurse and her senior patient drinking tea together

    Private Home Care

    Private Duty nursing services that enable you to rest, recover, and heal in the comforts of your personal surroundings. Learn more.

  • Chefs


    Our private chefs offer delicious personalized meals cooked according to your tastes and preferences. Learn more.

  • Young couple receiving head massage at beauty spa. Hands, caucasian

    Massage Therapist

    Customized massage services where your body, mind, and spirit can be set free from all the worries of the day. Learn more.

  • Dietitian


    Our registered dietitians will work with you to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Learn more.

  • White luxury house

    Luxury Mansion Rental

    Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience by renting a luxury mansion or vacation home. Learn more.

  • Audi R8 on white background

    Luxury Car Rentals

    Browse our exclusive selection of top luxury vehicles available in the market today. Learn more.

  • Luxury wardrobe

    Luxury Wardrobe Consulting

    We design, shop, and organize your wardrobe/closet to your convenience and taste. Learn more.

  • Woman receiving pedicure in a Day Spa, feet nails get cut and filed

    In-Home-beauty and wellness treatment – Salon or Spa

    Pamper yourself with our full range of in-home beauty and wellness treatments! Learn more.

  • Chauffeur


    Have a reliable driver bring you where you need to be safely and on time. Learn more.

  • Gift Wrapping

    Gift Wrapping

    We shop, wrap, and deliver gifts on your behalf. Learn more.

  • Doctor is listening to child with stethoscope

    Newborn Care at Home by a Licensed Register Nurse

    We have reserved this space to display more information about the company. Learn more.

  • maid

    Housekeeping Service

    Don’t hire just any kind of maid. You can find the most qualified ones from our team. Learn more.

  • nurse and baby boy.

    Nanny Services

    We match you with a qualified nanny who can provide your children with the care they deserve. Learn more.

  • personal training

    Personal Trainer

    We offer vetted and insured trainers whether at home, in the park, or gym. Learn more.

  • vet doing a haircut to the dog

    Pet Services

    We will take care and attend to all your pet’s needs in your stead. Learn more.

  • Butler Carrying Pair Of Brown Shoes

    Shoe Service

    Stay confident, and let us maintain your shoes in its formal look. Learn more.

  • Police officer in sunglasses, night city

    Events Security and Personal Security Guard

    Protect your properties with the finest security professionals. Learn more.

  • Attractive woman getting facial care and tattoo eyebrows.

    Facial Grooming

    Enhance your beauty with our facial glooming products and services.


For business or pleasure, nothing compares to private mansion rentals when you want to make a grand impression – entertain in style. We have access to exclusive mansions in Cape Town, Victoria Falls, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York, and cities where everyone wants to be. If you want to relax, play, and dine in your own private world, we can hook up with an exclusive estate that fits your every need. Renting a mansion is private, luxurious, and infinitely more comfortable than any five-star hotel.

Do not spoil your vacation with loud restaurants, child-infested pools, and cramped suites. Who needs that when you can kick back or gear up for big business in a fully staffed, fully furnished home, with amenities and accommodations for the whole corporation or family? Our mansion rentals make it possible for anyone to live and play like the rich and famous. We have access to modern estates, historic properties, and everything in between. Our hospitality experts will bet potential options to find the property that fits your personality, style, individual needs, and says everything that you want to say without a word.

Luxury vacation rentals are perfect for family gatherings, reunions, weddings, parties, and special events. We can help you select the perfect property and arrange accommodations for a week, a weekend, or a longer stay.


Do you want to provide concierge services to your employees as an extra benefit? Apex Corporate Concierge is here for you. Apex Concierge Services takes pride in our ability to manage our clients’ most precious commodity — time. Leverage your busy life with the advantages of on-site personal concierge services at a fraction of the cost. Concierge Services provides a range of bespoke services tailored to the corporate environment. We thrive to be the leading concierge and lifestyle management company in the corporate sector, which includes real estate, hospitality, finance, and fashion industries. We offer access to an unrivaled repertoire of lifestyle expertise to anyone who wants it.


Nothing says success like a beachfront property or mansion nestled in Watch Hill Rhode Island, Hamptons – New York, Cape Town – South Africa, Victoria Fall – Zim, Palm Beach, or Miami Beach. As your private concierge, we’ll book an exclusive property that makes the right impression and surrounds your high-profile guests with all the trappings of luxury. Whether you’re arranging a corporate retreat, attending a trade show, or hosting an out-of-town with colleagues, we can locate the perfect property for you and your guests. We have access to exclusive rentals that you won’t find anywhere else and properties that your guests won’t soon forget.

Private mansions are ideal for charity galas, special events, and private meetings with domestic or international business partners. Avoiding the distractions of major hotels has never been this easy. Instead of a business-class conference room, you can enjoy first-class surroundings with all of the services you need to keep your business running. We’re here to help you seal the deal and get more done on your most important business conference. Corporate Concierge clients are supported by personalized unique programs, leaving the day-to-day matters to Apex Concierge Services. Our connections are second to none and our expertise in the high-net-worth market is carried right across to the boardroom in bespoke and exceptional ways. We manage corporate travel, which is both personal and tailored to your companies’ requirements.

Our corporate client’s packages offer a suite solution for both large and small businesses via bespoke packages depending on the size of your organization and your personal requirements. Whatever you want, whenever you want, no matter the size or time of day, or experienced team will always be on hand to produce. We are experts in creating, cultivating, and crafting a luxury lifestyle for you. Utilizing our global partners & international team to provide you with access to the inaccessible potential business clients. As a Global Lifestyle Management Service provider, we truly understand what it is to provide luxury effortlessly and seamlessly. With our global and local Lifestyle Management Service, you deal directly with your Lifestyle Manager, each and every time. No call center, no need to speak to a number of different people to deal with your request – you don’t have to explain yourself twice – we get it. Our service prides itself on you, building a strong rapport and relationship with your personal Lifestyle Manager, who grows to understand and pre-empt your needs and wants – they know what you want before you even think about it.

Service Features and Benefits

Apex Services include:

  • Private Home Care
  • Live-In Personal Assistants/Companions
  • Patient Sitters for Hospital/Hospice
  • Health Provider Appointment Scheduling and Care Navigation
  • Message/Therapy at Home
  • Financial Consulting
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Shoe Shining
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • “Hot Tickets” to Events and Shows
  • Driver/Limo Service
  • Luxury Wardrobe Consulting, arrangement and Storage
  • Clothing Recycling
  • In-Home Massage
  • Personal Trainers
  • Health Coaches
  • Personal Shopping
  • Salon or Spa Appointments
  • Personal Chefs or Catering
  • Nanny or Daycare Services
  • Dog Walking or Pet-Sitting
  • IT Services and Support


  • Access quality services that are available when you need it, every time, all the time.
  • Concierge service customization solutions specific to the needs of each client.
  • Personalized service that understands you and your needs.
  • An expansive database of professional, discreet, highly qualified service personnel.
  • Each client is assigned a dedicated personal concierge assistant.
  • 24/7/365 concierge hotline.
  • A one-stop, premium shop for all your personal/business concierge service needs.


  • Makes busy life easier.
  • Relaxed and fulfilled life.
  • Provides time to focus on what is important, and what matters most.
  • Gives the experience reliable, accessible, hassle-free, worry-free professional concierge services.
  • Gives privacy, security, and peace of mind.
  • Helps seamlessly work-life integration that allows an efficiently balanced lifestyle.
  • Promotes quality of life, and ultimately, quality living.
  • Leverage of cost-effective, yet high-impact solution for businesses by taking care of administrative needs to allow more time to focus on the bottom-line.

There are three main reasons for everyone and anyone to subscribe to a luxury concierge service:

  • Save time – get a gift of time;
  • Use experts and specialist every time and for every task – gain efficiency and excellency by taking advantage of our knowledge and network;
  • Outsource time – consuming and repetitive tasks.

We are on-demand concierge services. On-demand concierge services are a new kind of experience where you pay as you go. It’s more transactional and focused on getting particular tasks done on a more ad-hoc basis.


Apex Concierge has one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive partnership programs in the industry. Each partner is handpicked, interviewed, and screened by our specialists to ensure they are in alignment with the expectations of our clients. Partnering with Apex Concierge minimizes the risk of leaving details not covered in your day-to-day life.


  • Yacht/Watercraft Management
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Personal/Corporate Concierge Services
  • Estate/Property Management
  • 24/7 Concierge Assistance
  • Security Services
  • Private Travel Management
  • Professional Consultants for Specialty / High-Value Goods & Commodities
  • Event Access & VIP Support

All programs begin with a thorough interview to provide your lifestyle manager with an intimate understanding of your requirements. Our specialists gain familiarity with you, your business, or your family members to anticipate short-term and long-term needs.

Ready Whenever You Need Us

We are ready to serve you, 24/7, 365 days a year! If you wish to learn more about our services, call us at 866-VIP-APEX.

For service arrangements, we invite you to set an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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