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Delicious, personalized meals prepared by top chefs.

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Our Private Chef Service offers delicious-personalized meals prepared according to our client’s specific tastes and preferences. Our private chefs prepare delicious and nutritious meals that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Private Chef Services 

Whether you are hosting a small, intimate dinner party or celebrating a special occasion with a large group of people, our Private Chef ‘s offer unparrlalelled service. You can leave all the details to us—from shopping and cooking to clean-up afterwards, we’ll handle it all.

Our chef services include:

  • Personal Grocery Shopping
  • Multi-Course Meals
  • Family-Style Meal Service
  • Buffet-Style Food Service
  • In-Home Prepared Meals
  • Dinner Parties
  • Catering Services
  • After-Meal Clean-Up

Service Rates
Rates vary depending on the type and number of meals prepared.

Enjoy delicious meals prepared by top chefs today! Contact us at 866-VIP-APEX or set an appointment now.

Our Service Areas

New York City > South Hampton > Hoboken NJ > Astoria

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