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We are your concierge for all event and entertainment service needs.

flowers at the tableApex Concierge Services is committed to providing professional event planning services for all of your personal and corporate needs. Whether you need a full-service event planner who can provide everything you need from start to finish, or if you simply need individual services to assist you in planning your next event, we offer the professional services that you need.

We offer our services to individuals, families, and corporate clients. We collaborate fully with all of our clients to ensure the success of any event – be it a birthday party, wedding, trade show, workshop, conference, launch event, or some other special occasion.

Apex Concierge Services offer professional even planner services to its clients in the area of Great Neck. We have a team of professional online event planning team that offers all and then some more. So, contact us now!

Our events services include:

  • Invitations
  • Gifts and Party Favors
  • Catering and Dining
  • Activity Planning
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Event and Party Planning
  • Event and Party Management
  • Floral Décor and Coordination
  • Event Entertainment
Service Rate

We can customize a package based on a personal/family event or corporate event. This is event-based and depends on the client’s specific vision, needs, and budget.

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With our help, we can ensure the success of your next event! Call us at 866-VIP-APEX or set an appointment today.

Our Service Areas

New York City > South Hampton > Hoboken NJ > Astoria

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